Surprise Me With A Post

This is just a post. So surprise me with a valid reason as to why a bunch of words is a valuable tool set!

What is it about a post that should surprise anyone.

Maybe its the juicy content rich thoughts that a post may evoke. Thoughts that lead into the possibility realm. Far out yonder.

So far away that through the mists of time and fortuitous actions you circumvent those ‘wordily’ communication things.

Instead there you are transported within what you began to read and forgot that the kettle needed stoking, the dishes naturally went moldy all by themselves, toppled over one stack at a time.

Time to travel forward, back and around within that most precious tool. Your mind.

Selections to manage communications gaps exist. They always have existed. Yet there are some people who open the book up at the front and dive right into the reading. Others who open the book to well consider the back page, or pages, first. Look at the actions you have just done.

More over there are people who simply have never picked up pen to paper books to read. While pen to paper books do have a place in this world the virtual communication of this world are taking over the story-tellers roles.

People who have gathered a group of minds that state while the a box is a box. Not a carton. Nor a container with a description. A reason to be in the presence of a royal hand. Clasped by your child from within as something to wonder at the secrets your you will find within.

Really, unless you were one of the inner children so lost in a world of drabness your gifts still needing nourishment, a little love and sunshine, ask yourself a question… What’s holding you back now from moving forward?

Words, be they thoughts, slogans, whispers on the wind. Words seep through every memory ever been.

Latent thoughts that might be brought to naught if too the front words are not court.

This is a strange post you may say. The idea was to show you a very valuable tool. With a hand full of character under the fingertip, a mind that has ceased the moment something has been place here to challenge your mind.

Think about just how scrambled the characters within the lines may be feeling as you read out load, with passion behind the voice. Color within – and without. Onward, openly moved. Into this newly arrived at world of bad verse. Feel the freedom come through anyway.

Let your voice be heard, read or said. Then get started. Head to #ReachOuthere and send email to her. Simply return to the top of ‘surprise me with a post’.

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