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Like to others in the online community, you were right. The words were "Reach down inside yourself. Find your passion, Susan. Just step back. Watch that passion put things together."

But first, come here. One hug and heartbeat later. Thirty years late that man connected the dots. He was due to be married. That honorable scoundrel bushman to the T!

What he freely gave me was a hug and heartbeat that closed the door to both my, and our, lost past. Provided a ticket that propels the push to the future.

January is the month of hugs is 

In Bairnsdale, Eastern Victoria, Australia, early in 2019 a gentleman of the bush loaned me his heartbeat as he gave a hug that helped ground me. Chase the 'stress' away. At least hold it at bay as my own world had been ripped apart and was still imploading.

From that the tears began to flow. They needed too. Now life could move on.

"Life is meant to be lived Suzie"

Remember this  quote: "Get yourself free of the past."

The community of people have waited on the sidelines. Yes life was definatly about to spin on it's axel once again.  There is only one choice.  Keep moving forward....alive.

As my ex-husband stated years earlier... "Be late for your own funeral. Slide there at the last micro-second!"

Mateship between best friends

Both men were friends for over thirty years.  It was not until 2018 that I finally replied to a Skype text from the bushman asking after my exhusband.

Err He was not available!

That ragamuffin was very lonely

The celebration of this Bushmans mans life was held January 18th 2020.

The gathering to celbrate this complex man's simple cervant life of loneliness was small in number for such a larger than life character.

The old foe was alive

The bush fires were raging all around. Spreading like the out of control wildfire it had turned into. Set on devoraring up the bush.

Many mates that he had led through thick, and thin, were out there driving those gigantic dozers. Fighting to run breaks through the mountainous country.

The backliners respect

The backline firebreakers missed the man. They missed this gathering.

Some had sung with him in the pubs, and clubs. On the road, around the bush and over the tops of those hills. Slim Dusty was a part of the life that this man lead.

Everyone needs a hug.

When people are ready they will step into open arms.

While my own life was just getting back together, after what was a hard five year period, we had caught up earlier in the year.

That's when the realization of just how much a hug and heartbeat meant to someone trying to hang on tight meant.

Take the action. Release the passion

Meanwhile, as every morning would see the sun come up there I would be at the kitchen table busy typing away.

Campaign planning, learning the skills it took to be a virtual community member.

Catching up on what it took to connect the dots together for campaigns to run with greater depth than ever before in the years of being online.

When lonely so H.O.L.T. hurts 

Today I heard that in the winter months of the northern hemishere the suicide rates are at their highest in mid-January. Meanwhile in the continent down under the six months of bushfires were raging.

Isolation comes through many channels.

H.O.L.T. [ Hunger, Anger, Loneliness, and Tiredness]

From a personal view all these underline the deep Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome factors. The trigger of the "shock" effect just rips the connections from the brain. It's more than just a 'fog' deep is more than critical deep-Post-Traumatic Shock Syndrome. For Susan Lewis, that meant the loss of the first thirty-one years of her life. No comprehension of what was before the 2nd of February 1991.

The two people that had known her long enough were her ex-husband and this other long time family friend of over thirty years.

Thanks go to a Bushmans hug

H.O.L.T. was found as the effects of an emotional, mental and spiritual attack came through. It was at that moment that Susan realized just what was going on.

The need to redirect her energies went into the Susan Lewis is online site extreme makeover. From there the campaign for the #ReachOut4Hugs started to come alive.

Passion behind the campaign

Now motion behind who Susan was. Through to where Susan would offer help and assistance. Backed by an even bigger community Susan had found a massive amount of help with. Susan now could put together her About Me page.

Susan's inner fire had flared. The invisible dots behind the online passion had finally connected. Had ignited with the acceptance of a hug and heartbeat. The ignition fueled the creation of the piece by piece to create the website. Then moved into the tools needed to push the #ReachOut4Hugs campaign into life.

People do some strange things in the extreme moments with the grip of H.O.L.T.

One hug leads to another

Now that the Hug Day has been found the #Reach out4Hugs day is a practice leading up to the hugging day growth.

The process connects into the hypersyndication process that not only
is simplistic. Enhances the skills, gifts, and talents found within people but puts the community these people engage in on the notice.

To accept, or offer a hug is a personal choice. Recognize, use and underpin these actions choices.
Greatly utilize the vision of the life they all now see to develop the community.

The #ReachOut4hugs campaign

What's in the #ReachOut4hugs campaign for you?

The campaign in itself is a passion. The vision is brought to life through the long term planning, the actions are taken, the community built, and the integrated tools sets. Susan Lewis utilizes all of these functioning aspects to assist you with your own campaign endeavors. Be they running a camp for youth. Organizing a proposal, party, engagement or wedding. A major event. or even an amazing birthday party. Includeshatever lies in between.

You started on a journey. Believe in yourself. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than anything. Plus any obstacle that awaits in your path to the side. With #ReachOut4Hugs remember 'You got this' as ending a #1pinkyhug your way still counts as a hug.


Be ready to receive that hug a day to chase the stress away.

But the best place in the world is in the arms of someone who will not only hold you at your best but will pick you up. Hug you tight at a weakened moment. Let you hear the heartbeat.

Simply that's why this campaign is active. Life is to short to miss out on a moments hug and heartbeat.

Community development belongs to the community.

Be brave enough to step forward. Ask someone if the need a hug. Even the #1pinkyfinger hug. Thats pause  with indecission is a major movement forward time.

Let your community know actions to take. That recommended place from the community [ or family community] to get together, meet up and yes, have a hug will be spoken about as well.

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