A little information about Susan Lewis Is Online


Susan Lewis Is Online.

A little information about Susan Lewis Is Online

Sorting everything within out this is Susan Lewis Is Online new home page.

This Susan Lewis has relearned how to communicate through intense online education. Additionally lot’s of practice.

Still on the spot and under emotional pressure is quite frankly a challenge. But, somehow Susan has gained a measure of composure, decoraum and a quiet cheek. The wait for the infectious smile is not long. The laughter fun and fulling.

The line drawn in the sand.

for families isolated

With over twenty years of community development, and many years of smaller family business experience, mostly pre-computers in every household, Susan knows the dire need for communication lines to be #ReachedOut too. Susan’s family members experienced the lack of knowledge through “post vehicle implosion” in 1991. The consequences still have ramifications today in 2019.

Leadership Style to be felt here

Life’s “servant leadership” style exposed. Note “Servant” is not a “Slave”. The difference is great. Once you realise this and the impact on your life… the freedom to move forward is a wonderful experience.

The vision is this

Listening to the surprise from people that she is still here seems funny to Susan. Susan has a vision. That ten year vision is to be completed. Actually the vision involves you – should you risk exposure, and let your inner child’s delight at having new concepts that connect your family together, to help sustain the people on the Autism Spectrum in your life. It’s simply to build a net work of people in your families community, to put that community online. The responsibility of working together being a challenge to get on with. Use the tool sets, share the information, and influence concept and acceptance changes from the base upward.

in short to develop self sustaining communities where intagrated family networks are at the least supportive of its members. For instance this may be as simply a grandparent needing their lawns mowed and mower or garden maintenance team receive home based meal

alternatively, a holiday, day out, while bringing along a relative who is on the Autism Spectrum.

Or simply running the newsletter to keep everyone informed.

In order for any projects to occur there is the matter of finding, and letting loose, your inner self.

The community Susan is with is bigger than just the intagrated tool sets available. Over the years as others have shared how to do bits and pieces online, Susan also built herself up from the exposure to environmentally toxic influences around her.

Be Uplifted

As you get to see under the smile and laughter there is a person who, should she let you through and into her mind, just feel privileged.

Like all the people on the Autism Spectrum Susan has got to meet over time there this is one thing, a safety first aspect. Once a person passes the “you are safe” then Susan’s personality will just include you fully. It’s up to you to choose that the time is right to move forward and onwards.

Camera decorium and Susan are fine.

Just aim the camera away. Consider photographs, together with a smile, a real challenge. Usually the smile, and laughter, come after the photo has been taken. At least once she has reopened her eyes!

Note on spelling.

Susan is still learning to spell. Born in a New Zealand house hold, with an English dad, yet has basically lived her adult life in Australia. The spelling may be a bit mixed up. We’ll put that down to definite dyslexia tendency.

‘Susan Lewis Online’ is simply that.

Places, tools, practices and shear joy at experiments will be shared. Please read any disclaimers. They are there for you to be aware of. Especially as Susan is a member of a platform where she considers it to be “The Ultimate Creators Platform” for inta-grated tool sets, Assistance online with ‘getting things online.”

Read the disclaimer

The disclaimer is below. One full of what Susan considers valuable information.

So yes! As Susan moves through the different things online you may be aware of references to ways this, or that, product is being used. Some of the terms will be user based and specific as these tools are the ones that Susan spent over ten years looking for.

One of the best places to keep up to date with what Susan has been involved in is the daily emails. Designed to be quick over-reads within a time pressed busy life people are leading today. Susan’s main aim is to help you smile at least once a day. Secondly, to show you where, and what, she has been up to. Thirdly, to include you in the resources list that will come through to you. Once the email acceptance is filled out by you.

In conclusion

Smile. Be Happy. Today #ReachOut. Accept a lot more Joyful energy into your day. Smile frequently Best yet is to know that right now you are right where you are meant to be in life.

Make the choice to contact Susan at susan@susanlewisonline.com

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