A Little About Reach Out4Hugs

For #ReachOut4Hugs Update the Theme

What are the fears with a squashed time frame?

Look at the possibility of this one” What if it does not work” Flip it. to “I’m not going to let anyone stop me from making this work.” Six days a week. Takes a magnificent energy flow inwards to do this. Think of the future pace.

That clock is ticking

Okay in less than twelve hours this site is due for a presentation. Eleven hours before the site’s theme gets upgraded.

Nothing to worry about. Only a little bit of antipation sleep deprivation right!

That was fear about to be faced

Real, life gripping bone-chilling fear. Attending a meeting of importance seeming like I’m nuts. Well, guess what this #ReachOut4Hugs is part of my “Y”.

The real deal is that I, Susan Lewis, have been in the state of not allowing people to get emotionally near. That part of the deep-Post Traumatic Shock syndrome that went undiagnosed for twenty-four years where the micro-connections just did not compute.

Put yourself in a position out there.

Time to get past the fact the d-PTSS cost my family so much was learned from.

Simply push forward. Catch the end goal. Hold tight. Focus. Action past where you know you can go. Achieve more than ever was before.

Ask the direct question.

YouTube has a visual answer. Make a muck of it. Back to past experiences folder in the brain. Or in real-time notes.

Up came You-Tube. Kori Ashton will have the answer. Typically a challenge. Kori was showing the answer in the updated [ and to date avoided theme.] on “How to Customise Twenty Seventeen WordPress Theme. “

Was the passion enough to….

That question was already answered. The subconscious directed the fingers. Bypast the security of the comfortable old theme. Zipped through into the newer one. Knowing that there is another theme to go to as well. So, for now, the blog position will be created. Then Twenty-Twenty updates all within a few minutes. The reward is the dogs get walked. Then back into the rest of the pages. Oh, and this post gets published.

Be the person willing to make the mistakes and then you will take the results.

Quality assess, replay those fears

If your fears are coming up what are they trying to show you. The fears have always been there. Fears are a great beacon.

Be willing to take yourself on and overcome your fears, limiting believes and everything. Step into your higher self right now. Show people what you are doing. Allow the passion to come through. Let people make a comment.

Prepare for a hug time.

Goofed the theme change. Swapped back. Wait another day!  Like tomorrow.

Accept the emotional virtual reality of a Good job my friend. Great decisions. Appreciate a quiet verbal hug because no matter what YOU are the greatest asset you have got. Accept that one fact over any other.

This is the reason why: Start drilling and driving. Enable and ready for you. Be willing. Be honest. Play a different game moving forward. Know you are one step further forward than when you started this post.

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