Working Today’s Post Layout Out

  • This is page break is Block 2
  1. But some people want to have indented items. Bit tricky and really great fun to do. As your numbers. number.
  2. .
  3. . and of course list point four.
  4. which leads into block 4.
  • This is Block 4 – section 1 column 1 > section 2 is the picture on the right subdivide into two columns as can be seen by the fact this line does not cross over the top of the second column.
  • What has happened in this block under the layout section were multiple column choices being made simply by hitting the circle with a + in it
  • the blocks content block was added as a sub content block.
  • In that content block the choice of list for the left side was a list added. Noted this list could easily have been placed on the right side of the layout> content block

Between the rest of the section 1 block

Explain this picture

  • All that has to be now considered is choose between numbers or dotpoints. Dot points with numbers under them is the easiest thing to do as suggested below.

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