Working Today’s Post Layout Out

Todays post Layout-starts with a H2 Header

Block two is this one. Block 1 was the above title.

All section two is a block that gets subdivided . This block we’ll call number 1. Or N1 for a quick reference further along in this post.

At the top of this post, on the right, there is a box for alignment change. Left, center or right

  • At this point All that was done to include the list within the Section 1 block was hit the space after the word “right” and a new selection circle appeared.
  • Outside of this block [just below] see there is an out of block dotpoint list started. Go there and read how that happens.
  • Oh and to get this next list line again the same process …
  • hit the space after the last word in the line above.
  1. This is Block section 1
  2. Your out side of section 1 block and want an independent list …
  3. all you need to do is go up t the left hand corner choose the selection circle.
  4. As this selection has been most used by the author of Susan Lewis Online the list sits there under the most used selection choice.

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