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The Power of Posing

Welcome to the power of posing post. I am Susan Lewis. Body language and the power of presence is interesting to me.
Amy Cody spoke in the TED Talks that was published in October 2012 . The following video is Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are.

Specifically, the details are ~ can the affect of testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain make us feel more or less confident. Watch the YourTubePlayer clip . Judge for yourself as you hear and see the possible impact on your chances for success.

I’m fifteen minutes into playing this video. The realisation of just how powerful those “sit up straight….” or ‘close your arms’ and you are in my domain now has been on my own life.

World, move over! cause I am expanding my horizons.

Check after 15 min.   You will see what I mean. Fake it til you make it seems … so fake.  But I got the message loud and clear.
Have I got over the ‘I am not meant to be here feeling ?’ that has dogged me since 1991 when the truck hit the Nissan Urvan I was driving.
I am here. I have a purpose to accomplish.  I have become that purpose.  Which also explains the mindset changes that are finally dominating my approach to life.
That is what metastories are about in the modules of SFM.  Becoming that purpose.  Tiny tweaks = BIG changes. The changes in the person also show in the way the blogs are written, decisions made and are stuck too.  Maximising this within the online presence where the energy is seen, felt and listened too..
Recently wanting to know more about banners such as the one below it was fascinating to read reports about the square one’s did this and the rectangle ones brought forward that type of action. Compared to the skinny tall and the flat horizontal ones. Right to that reading I tended to favour the insignificant skinny tall’s and skinny flat ones.

My Banner

After seeing the “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are [ aka the power of posing video] the same may be said for the choice of button a person chooses to have in their post.

“Are you in agreement” now sounds far more positive than begging the answer of ‘Do you agree ”