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Using the tools to make a difference

Without what people perceive as the proper tools to use, the newest, flashiest things and gadgets and fashion fads, people become used to being at the “back of the race.’ From this point they
then get on with producing mediocre ‘things’ with little ambition or confidence to share the ‘indigenous creative’ energy.

Inclusive circles of influence of friends, coworkers, families, forget to ask or even see the results.

Telsa experimented with how to harness electricity. Thomas Edison was responsible for selling the idea through out the world that become the electricity companies. And somewhere in between a light bulb was created. By giving Alexander Graham Bell, a “prototype meant”  a viable, functional development of the telephone industry was to begin.

Relearning to go to the top of what you are doing takes guts, determination, and considerable effort. Starting from the unease of just knowing there is a piece missing, then several pieces. Taking that jump into a set of tools. There uses and not knowing how to use any was [always is] a large jump.

More of the tools and applications were being released into a Beta mode [ testing mode].

The invitation to ‘come and play with Th meant ‘fabulous freedom to muck things up’ – or fail forward – was incredible. The underrated amount of ‘subliminal learning power’ of knowledge gained
in this flexible play mode was out of this world. In all honesty, the brain does not realize how much it absorbs within simple explorative play.

Now mearly eighteen months from the Beta testing time all these concepts are coming together. Other than the fact of Autisitic Post-Traumatic Shock Sydrome occurring from a truck plowing in
through the front of the van I was driving. Having to relearn everything through the Autism Meltdowns, Overloads and blockages have been an amazing journey at times.

These are the experience that give me the authority to speak with knowledge of total memory loss for nearly twenty-three years.

One result you are able to see are the page tabs around you [ scroll up above] Look at them. Hit all of the tabs – one after the other.
Just before the Beta testing occurred a friend was explaining how to upload a picture using the tools and platform known to them. The next step was to put words on it. Bored at this end I ‘drew’ my first online picture. That simple act caused friction.

Now with the Beta Testing of the GraphixCreator came simple instructions. Upload your own or create using the supplied background. Add words. Use navigation bar tools. From there it was a matter of choosing a GraphixCreator frame, naming the frame, uploading that picture onto the work area. Add letters. Hit finalize. Download. There was the final result.

When I ran into any new areas where knowledge needed to be flexed and connected the quick note [ and accompanying Jing screen shoot video to support brought a neutral support answer. No ‘misinterpretations’ with a circle of influence friends.

There was also a challenge within my writing. Primarily that of having a post follow rules of reader engagement…. staying on one topic. Presenting the final copy with correct grammar and no spelling mistakes was another. Bring in an environment with training; upskilling was great. Add to this the coaching, mentoring, training library and just support from all over the globe 24 / 7 was marvelous.

Finding out the difference between a letter and an affiliate marketing post has paid dividends. This is an informative letter format.

Again this reinforced the basic fact that there were people out there you can trust. There are others to whom you can give your trust.

The lesson from all of this was find a community of influence and go within.

The SFM Community is trustworthy. These people are up to date with the current trends and ccompliance procedures. These affiliate marketers have to be as that is what many are out there
creating An alternative digital lifestyle – full time.

With this knowledge gain, people within this community are encouraged to be like Thomas Edison. To share a piece of knowhow in order to make greater things possible against the probable

To quote ‘LuxQuotes’. “The goal isn’t about money. The goal is living life the way I want to.”


Thank you for reading this letter.


Sorting out a brain dump overloaded information blockage

If you have scanned, or want to read all this post and are wondering what it’s is all about… ‘this is my brain releasing a a few blockages’.

I awoke, got a pad and pen and write down what was coming through. Turned out the light. And attempted to sleep again. And more came, the cyce=le repeated itself. Until finally I was allowed to sleep for a few hours. Not having a clock in my room there is no time span other than sometime during the night of the 23 / 24th of April 2016 this occurred.
Having gone to bed about 9 pm, this could have been anytime.

Usually, when I wake having had an early night, I simply get up and start my day. This time was different, though. On past experiences had I not got a pen and pad then the synario would have repeated itself night after night. The blockage would have been causing distress and frustration. Nothing would be able to get completed again.

There was one other thing that happened as I again come through to the awakening stage more towards the morning. And that is another letter alotgether. There was one part of powerful twenty words I just could not make out. I now refuse to wear my wreading glasses when this brain opening occurs as I usually forget to take them off. Fall asleep then needs the frames realigned. A lesson well learned and I am thankful the reading glasses are titanian framed!

Somewhere at the begining, I was starting to reline the lines into an ordter.I had moved one line then though no write this letter as worlds in the sentences comes out.

On the night of the 24th, I went to bed early. The brain deluge had finally taken me over into the “Come one its sleep requirement time”. Understand that the brain goes to work during night time. Simply put “Autistic  people need their sleep.”  We have far higher hearing and feeling capacities than people realize.  Turn the machines off.  Even the apparent low noise frequency things Muse zappers.  These are screaming in our heads. As to partner relationships.  If the partner is totally trusted, we submerge ourselves within their cocoon of protection. The same trust as when a baby or child comes to the parent to be with them.  So that sleep is just there.  The monsters [ noises / sights] are held at bay with the beating of the heart and an arm around you.

I have no clock in my room as the lights annoy me. And I can sleep with a wind-up clock… when I remember to wind it up. My brain will wake me up in order to be ready for an appointment or training time. As long as I ‘set’ that it works! And usually before an alarm will start rigning by 5 minutes before.

Now that this brain deluge has been typed up the send copy will be altered around with and the sections within compartmentalized into to do list requirements. When I first began doing the DEA courses I had lots of Autism related meltdowns and overloaded sleep patterns in the middle of the day and at odd hours. In fact, I missed whole courses that I had paid for because of not knowing to do what I have now done above. Let it out. Instead, I would just go back to what had been happening before and continue to try and get information in. And that cycle would then take months to understand. In fact, there are times when I wonder where the key information has jumped up from and then remember where it was from 23 months ago. What this means in practice is the questions now being asked by myself are more focused and inline with other people speech patterns. This is called learning the language of the people wh already have learned. Understand plus speak the same language, and further understanding and comprehension does occur. The transition is one that international exchange students feel. Suddenly they are dreaming in the language of the host country. Then there is a transition time of not knowing who you are not where you are coming from. Homesickness starts to come forward.

A balance is struck when this pridime has you knowing both the past you, your present you and accepting knowing the future you. And this is the point where I am currently. Connecting my past, accepting my ‘Me’ as I am now and living my future. Simple I have left my “I believe this will happen” to I lknow this is happening as I am living it right now. Welcome to my Alternative Digital Lifestyle creation happening.

What I do have though is a memory of when I was a teen ager studying. The days notes would be re written in shorted in a compartmentalized form. Over the weekend, these again would be condensed. At the end of the term these third level notes were shortened and compartmentalized yet again. By the end of the year, all the information was there. Exams were sat, and the challenge was to work out what the question was

On the 24th in the later afternoon, this very short video was was viewed.
Write How to list

*Redirect the pages to posts for now. Backdate posts into the Calendar of posts

* Go back to Dees email and check out what I wrote
* revamp for specific niches and place each target audience on each specific neiche
* Finish plug ins and widgets on allsites
* Hootsuite the links

* Connect SLQ and D+FDP to suite and back.
* Upload FB page into each Web page

* Create a picture header in for parts
the pxs needed ate 1635 x 745?
The picture programs do not create this size, therefore, create four parts 410 wide x 745 long [ comprising of [2 [ part and C] x 820] then [[1/2of 820] x 745 depth part A/aa and C/cc]

* YourTubePlayer: talk about how this is handy for newsletters
Net = disturbance.
creation and from community dev ownership
* Understanding of goal* Importance of people alignment with your dream.
* Skills and confidence by falling forward
Lucky forward
Find results
Write were all susceptible to ‘Bing’ manipulated. Difference is that now it took one year instead of 5 the only t get back on feet and change site [ tell other posts x 2 –> collapse of site and [name supplied]  assistance] how rules posted.
Later tells of catfishing.

Have restriction and now not knowing stumped me earlier on web design and blogging.
How WP 101 has now themes
call to [Name supplied]
—->< suggest to find there its important.

Steps included or start from new one and find there —>
Pages there the pages. Delete = 404. Not to loose ranking of previous page while you drive traffic to new page. Once new page has taken over in the ranking the delete old page that is redirected. This way does
not show up in Bing things[??}

Copy URL and if some one stuffed up then everyone suffers and is marketed down

Message to [Name supplied] re write.

How woke up and have thought flow []
know and track
pen and paper to bed
onto to do list
Stay in bed light goes on and wriote then light out til no more is there to come forth.
Enough not for me to get confused…. or distracted.

SFM Survey
Name visual alignment[ Like PN and GP.] Crazy things to do with picture of own.
Photo capture tool
Giff maker
Pod casts\Voice over ability

* Picture of site currently re pages
Formaly training this online community development need interest in
board creation [ like pinterest]
Website design
Blog Writing
Social Broadcasting
Advertisng team
dream to active
People focused and talented to assist innet set up of neuro diversification
We sing, We rock.
Traun to release the ‘You Be Newbie.’
loose the mental weight and figuratively fly like a bird
Fine tune and organise the kayos.

Making out combined voices stand out and be heard. Add energy. We have to all get into the act and independantly work together [holacratically] to do this while remaking our selves. We all have a part to play. This is how the sites fit intogether
Letters exlain
A creative has skills and takents to do thngs with… find out the end result is eith using these.
Autism as a gift generaic view of people with gifts and groups of giftd.
Susan Lewis Marketing = how communities, carers, families, and organisation may fundraise, set up to find raine and provide avenues to explore and take on.
Autism Susan Lewis is for the autistic person themselves to find out how they may need to use this to have an independant life.
What is dne when
Step by step you will be encourages to start up to you to choose the thing and move through.
Mine worth to learn how to blog, affiliate market encompassed
video and picture
Organisation schedutes
to do list
Favorable participation crowds
Travels to meet new people
opening up
Sort out and release
Computer files
place to put them
Page speed focus through to Sandras comment
Only 1% noted release on all platforms.
–> Facebook advertise when changed look holes thinking

Writing Aweber duplicate and change Broadcast and URL create
>Use their oomph and message same.
Need to microfinance.
Sorted out –> not so
Great feeling
Knows that I have authority about this and can share with the knowledge and understanding of someone who has gone through it.

Broken link checker is a great tool however the URLs are still picked up in My Tracking Stats.
Using tidy URL –> redirect.
Enables the URL to still be in system and broken URL reluctant other than previous UR: –> to change this through to normal Tidy URL redirect.

Some platforms divert went redirect tonight.
A stealth marketing training on the power of Tidy URL. YourTubePlayer, Graphix Creator and MyLead Bar
Relink Susan Lewis Marketing in the menu Area.
Sidebar these
Ask [name specified] or support what to do with banner when “My Thing” goes.
-> last time did change to cve4me –> caused collapse of site and DBL fixed and took back to basics!!

TidyURL everything back from start to finish. Aagain practiced.
Clean up mouse shit behind the curtains [Added: Please note here- the area has a mouse plague]
Create page ‘what it takes to freeze accounts family
no ask = this
the labor to swap
Knowing and skills
Re-do the physical site map
Only put in once.
[release all links do a better one]
targeted to communicating looking for assistance
each post to link back to this page or post advertisement
[Aweber this list per topic]
Schedule sitemaps /ages into broadcasts in Aweber
FB page release and so forth
new posts
Give up yourself make way for changes.
Set your platform scheduled
follow the flow through of posts flow.
The gift of giving
redirects until someone [name specified] can show or I can find out how to remove from page displays
–> using code like basic page block.
Remaining permalink URL stop showing on header thing.
Picture need to be rerouted tidy URL – too as they are there somewhere
–> Get URL Tidy URL
Autistics make mistakes too
There’s a time and a place you take pen and paper to be.

Know that you will wake up and probably not have it there. However, the thoughts are coming one after the other = Grab pen and paper go back to bed. Know that as the brains absorb information from you will
down .be turning on the light and wrdown.turning off the light bete=ween writing and sleeping[ hopefully] Next day –> when finally this thought have slowed doewn. Go back to sleep. When you wake up
and no new releases are there then it is time to get up and start your day.
_ otherwise you will become distracted as these throughts will just keep unveiling themselves. The blockage you have been waiting for has finally happened again.

__> [marquis] Yes your brain wants answers to that thing area to next and concept formulas.

Now gop wrote up a to do list and trnscribe all there and place form the generalised to do list

Who has specific workaboe days calenadear.
Sread the around. When up to this date review progress re scheduled.
New date and Now date. Wroit=e comment New you and tidy URL

Ansalytical and compartive side is busy satisfied.
This method takes the pressure off the brain. Youre allowed to be human “today’
As is all that may happen and it may take all day to do.
Mind allowed a rest. Not fractured
A large task is broken into many smaller ones.
Each step completed celebrate and show. Write about it.
Make video
Create pictures
Review. You also have set review dates on whole project
ZTOA [added later: ? what this is]

Allows you to know the actions inviolved and therefore accept help to impro .
Join in conversation with authority and even show others. Ths gives you a cinversation that makes you ‘human’. People can follow these mentaly.
Step 3
Conversations New and Micro-conversations. Not the then the whole Bible. Word for world refinition
The check list of how toos though get more indepth which when planing events or teaching is terrific as the wholeness of training starts withan everyone of what will be the outcome by the end.
Followed with what are cimming in this lesson series. And to do we will be doing. people know the good and trustworthy. Play a role within that dream. Be coming ready for the transformation process is owned by ‘all’.
Which us why I ask of You to go through this link. View the voideo and arket its relevance Join the SFM precess.
As an Access Associate or Student , even an Elite these are your basic stepping stones.
Contact me on email
Creat a new email – causes less distraction of alining emails not related.
Not if already a member.
Be honest with self anyway.
Untetone and lets work together in the open and onest way.
Benefiting all
Get them to the blin benefiting all.
Waych the videis
then membership
Think about the links available.
Be far too self.
Go through the modules
$pay 29.95 us
This will help you sort self out

Make a decission to stay where you are or to go further.

Up to you in that respect.
Nt ready —> Still contact me and that’s okay too.
Even as a basic member you still have access to trainings via SFM.
Very helpful and appropriate.
When you have done module two what have your dream workled out will do for you of aligned then you …with our circle of influence.