Monthly Archives: June 2016

Heading For The Street Corner

Exiting a building and heading for the street corner in 2014 I waited.

The sun was shining, the wind had calmed. I waited. It felt like I was walking amongst the clouds. As though my inner child was racing around laying in the cloud tops. That the world was at my feet.

Right before exiting that building a phone call had been made. The man in the building was worried.

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Shift Your Focus From Being

Time is a funny asset.  Usually, people forget about it.  Some because they are too busy to bother.  To focused on achieving.  Conversely, others want what is no longer there.

Time slips between our fingers finer than sand in the hourglass.   We all are allotted ‘our time”.  When that time is over what then is there?  A beautiful place from which sometimes we get a second chance.

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