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Do Training and Upskilling levels mesh together

How the various Training and Upskilling levels mesh together

The internet as a way of communication and socializing has been around ‘for ever’. What was first share by professionals, then between universities has spread through the world. Busesses
employed the gradualtes. Slowly more people became familar with the socializing on the Platforms.

A division occurred. While most just were social people, others mastered the arts of using the internet while creating a net-lifestyle.

Meanwhile bubbling quietly behind the scenes the broadbands people were creating ‘step by step programmes bringing a social conscience into the ‘netisphiere’. The warnings were on the net with algorithms. AKA Panda [Feb 2011], Pengin [April 2012] , Hummingbird [ late 2013] Pigeon [July 2014] then Compliancy [2015].. And each time the warnings were on the wall these forerunners suddenly began to sell their secrets at a MUCH reduced price. Run classes where the partipants would swap their labour for learning. Not realising the coding pixels may have lasted for a day. A week. A season. Few understood or cared that what went on the internet… stays in the internet.

If you are going to have any control over what you are being brought into it is necessary to understand what makes all the interconnecting things work. Learning new things, or upskilling out of
previous algorithm that worked back then and now have social media outlets being closed down, or what is shared ranked lower as old pathways and methods are being used means that
lessons should be simple and begin to work with the most basic concepts. Close to what level is already understood.

Noted are the Universal Laws. One of these is the concept that ‘like attracts alike’. As a greater knowledge base is gained generally people will share their Eureka moments. Their “The penny
has finally dropped” moments. When your circle of influence is moving forward in the same general direction what one learns the others are shared with. Slowly I found that what was a totally
foreign things to do at the beginning was a skill that I was gaining. Supported buy others within the community what you learned you become a little more confident at discussing. Even your
moments of failing forward. You simply had room to pick yourself up without getting trampled on in the forward rush.

As time moved on the inclination to assist others, as you had been assisted, was something that simply happened. Relationships were built. Some with like-minded totally focused people using
that skill as their move forward. Other relationships with people who have learned the skills with this choice but favour another challenge.

My first challenge was a Video Challenge [ several times infact]. Next, it was a blogging challenge. Both of these challengers had the most current training and upskilling encouragement right
there. I learned much more than I initially realised i would. More importantly, what was learned was the creation of checklists for a Virtual Assistant to correct things for me. For instance, that
hissing sound I hear with the videos filmed.

Instead of these paths lines of communication were established that were of value. Reinforcing the love of Social Broadcasting as a channel through which information is relayed.

Drilling down narrow was like peeling an onion skin off layer by layer. Stinks at times. And other times brings tears to the eyes. Yet, by narrowing the niche down created a ‘Autism Spectrum’
hub. The underlying lynch-pin is the primary support networks. That of families. From this point the spokes of the wheel covering authentic exp[erience within communities. How people
react and , or deal with grief or the diagnoses adjustments people experience. The absolute loss of being ‘yourself’. Who you are as yourself in the family structure gets altered. So too does the
standing within the community. And finally the real life recognition of social ostracization. Reinforcing the isolation factors.

Opening up an invitation in May 2014 knowing there was something inside I had been looking for this is what I found. Tons of information. A series of videos., One Bootcamp of rapid learning.
A decision big to be made. From then til now no it has not been easy. The building of an alternative digital lifestyle enabling me to fit in has taken sheer determination and focus at times.
Has it been worth it. Simply “Yes’. The training and upskilling have certainly been more in depth than anything personally ever experienced.

Had the access to the SFM education, knowledge basis and Upskilling platforms been proactively worked through earlier… Well, let’s put it this way…

On that note, have you been looking for education and upskilling. of any work-related or family orientated, online processes like this? Drop a comment into the comment box.