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Ideas behind creating a check list

Working with other people brings about its challenges. Working with your own “self” brings out gaps in certain fields. When people allow their perceived limitations to get in the way, they effective are allowing a ‘slow down progression forward.’

Over the last few days, the new theme was taking shape. This was exciting as I was finally ‘doing it’. Things were coming together nicely. Interaction among several interruptions occurred. Instead of a meltdown confusion lingered. The next morning a brainwave. Why not compare the steps of one website to the basics of an original, not touched site?

Switching from one Webpage to another was fine for the first few minutes. Until an awareness of what if I get disturbed entered. The result is a tediously created checklist is now typed.

Where did this idea come from? My sponsor. Ages ago this is what was recommended to do. And sometimes I did and other times! However, this basic model checklist has already proven its worth. The site I was getting confused on was logged out of. That temptation to view, compare and ‘tinker with’ was removed.

What has changed is the understanding that to achieve the needed outcome from any one ‘job’ the focus needs to be there. Along with a ‘checklist guideline’. One that you understand and has a definite meaning, with a planned outcome, and a period. With reviews included.

That meant to me in the early stages of learning how to use checklists this process meant chopping and changed with little focus.

As time progressed having a checklist means that instead of concentrating on something for a week and getting into overload or ignore it stages the normal life may progress. One tick of the checklist off at a time. Yes, a slower way towards immediate progress.

The positive includes the fact of writing a post that you are now reading.

Changes in overall mindset come in many forms. Small incremental footsteps measured both for qualitative and quantitive progression towards the end objective.

In a community dynamic, it also helps people know where and when they can take over an activity. Having a screen shared document enables a group of people to add to the overall progression. A tick the box with a name of who now has the responsibility objectively allows for one contact point. One person that everyone goes through until that process has been completed. Place forward for review.
And slowly the brain starts to clear as closer the end results are seen to be near.

Hope this helps you to work with a checklist





Using the tools to make a difference

Without what people perceive as the proper tools to use, the newest, flashiest things and gadgets and fashion fads, people become used to being at the “back of the race.’ From this point they
then get on with producing mediocre ‘things’ with little ambition or confidence to share the ‘indigenous creative’ energy.

Inclusive circles of influence of friends, coworkers, families, forget to ask or even see the results.

Telsa experimented with how to harness electricity. Thomas Edison was responsible for selling the idea through out the world that become the electricity companies. And somewhere in between a light bulb was created. By giving Alexander Graham Bell, a “prototype meant”  a viable, functional development of the telephone industry was to begin.

Relearning to go to the top of what you are doing takes guts, determination, and considerable effort. Starting from the unease of just knowing there is a piece missing, then several pieces. Taking that jump into a set of tools. There uses and not knowing how to use any was [always is] a large jump.

More of the tools and applications were being released into a Beta mode [ testing mode].

The invitation to ‘come and play with Th meant ‘fabulous freedom to muck things up’ – or fail forward – was incredible. The underrated amount of ‘subliminal learning power’ of knowledge gained
in this flexible play mode was out of this world. In all honesty, the brain does not realize how much it absorbs within simple explorative play.

Now mearly eighteen months from the Beta testing time all these concepts are coming together. Other than the fact of Autisitic Post-Traumatic Shock Sydrome occurring from a truck plowing in
through the front of the van I was driving. Having to relearn everything through the Autism Meltdowns, Overloads and blockages have been an amazing journey at times.

These are the experience that give me the authority to speak with knowledge of total memory loss for nearly twenty-three years.

One result you are able to see are the page tabs around you [ scroll up above] Look at them. Hit all of the tabs – one after the other.
Just before the Beta testing occurred a friend was explaining how to upload a picture using the tools and platform known to them. The next step was to put words on it. Bored at this end I ‘drew’ my first online picture. That simple act caused friction.

Now with the Beta Testing of the GraphixCreator came simple instructions. Upload your own or create using the supplied background. Add words. Use navigation bar tools. From there it was a matter of choosing a GraphixCreator frame, naming the frame, uploading that picture onto the work area. Add letters. Hit finalize. Download. There was the final result.

When I ran into any new areas where knowledge needed to be flexed and connected the quick note [ and accompanying Jing screen shoot video to support brought a neutral support answer. No ‘misinterpretations’ with a circle of influence friends.

There was also a challenge within my writing. Primarily that of having a post follow rules of reader engagement…. staying on one topic. Presenting the final copy with correct grammar and no spelling mistakes was another. Bring in an environment with training; upskilling was great. Add to this the coaching, mentoring, training library and just support from all over the globe 24 / 7 was marvelous.

Finding out the difference between a letter and an affiliate marketing post has paid dividends. This is an informative letter format.

Again this reinforced the basic fact that there were people out there you can trust. There are others to whom you can give your trust.

The lesson from all of this was find a community of influence and go within.

The SFM Community is trustworthy. These people are up to date with the current trends and ccompliance procedures. These affiliate marketers have to be as that is what many are out there
creating An alternative digital lifestyle – full time.

With this knowledge gain, people within this community are encouraged to be like Thomas Edison. To share a piece of knowhow in order to make greater things possible against the probable

To quote ‘LuxQuotes’. “The goal isn’t about money. The goal is living life the way I want to.”


Thank you for reading this letter.